Enhancing Patient Engagement With Medical Devices

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V-Go is a disposable daily device that delivers basal and bolus insulin for patients with type 2 diabetes. The primary challenge Valeritas faced in driving patient engagement and product adoption is that type 2 diabetes patients are reluctant to switch therapy, especially to an injection device they perceive to be an “insulin pump” that may further complicate the management of what they already consider to be a complex disease. care (LTC) settings.

The V-Go customer experience (CX) maximized product trial and adoption // Through the CX Audit process, PulseCX not only uncovered patients’ hesitancy toward any therapeutic change (especially one they might perceive to be more complex), but also discovered that patients associate any change of therapy with a personal failure in managing their disease. To address these issues and promote patient engagement, Valeritas partnered with PulseCX to develop a new customer experience (CX) campaign that focused on the product’s most differentiating and desirable benefit for patients: specifically, that V-Go can help them simplify their insulin delivery.

Developing a CX that drives treatment acceptance // Understanding and addressing these psychological roadblocks was the key to motivating and engaging our target audience. Because these patients see any treatment change as a personal failure, they often develop mindsets of apathy and denial. As a result, it was important for the brand to help patients understand that V-Go is not a change in therapy, but a simpler way to administer their insulin and manage their diabetes—one that frees them from manual injection and allows them to use less insulin.

Activating trial was the key to product adoption // Having patients interact with the device and experience it for themselves was crucial to helping them understand its convenience and simplicity. Prospective patients were offered a product demo that encouraged them to explore the product, apply it to their abdomen, and feel how easy to use and comfortable V-Go is. A strong call to action (CTA) motivated them to take the product demo to their physicians and ask about using V-Go. These patient requests were not only critical in driving product trial, they also helped to minimize objections from physicians who might be unfamiliar with the device.

Moving from product trial to adoption // PulseCX created a CX marketing strategy to simultaneously move patients and HCPs through the conversion process, from trial to adoption, by progressively overcoming objections related to product use and reimbursement. The new Simplify CX campaign helped patients and physicians accept V-Go as the wearable insulin device that can simplify the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

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