Moving Beyond DTC to Create a True Customer Experience (CX)

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Astellas Pharma // MYRBETRIQ

Category Women’s Health

Product Description

While MYRBETRIQ uses a unique MOA to treat overactive bladder (OAB), Astellas still faced challenges launching into a crowded market where middle-aged women have shown limited acceptance for Rx treatment (and previously experienced Rx failures).

To help shape the market around this unique new mode of action (MOA) at launch and persuade the target audience to be more receptive to Rx treatment with MYRBETRIQ, PulseCX leveraged a CX Marketing Model that focuses on enhanced consumer engagement. This CX model goes beyond the traditional DTC approach by integrating a 5-part process that’s specifically designed to resonate with patients’ needs and lifestyles. As a result, PulseCX and Astellas created deeper connections with women that helped maximize patient acquisition, conversion, and adherence on MYRBETRIQ.

Defining the customer experience (CX) across the OAB portfolio // The Astellas overactive bladder (OAB) portfolio also includes VESIcare, the #1 branded Rx product at the time MYRBETRIQ launched. To avoid cannibalization of the branded market leader, MYRBETRIQ needed to target a patient segment that was distinct from VESIcare patients, but still offered significant potential for Rx growth. PulseCX conducted a CX Audit of the category that uncovered psychological insights specific to the treatment-lapsed patient (who had previously tried and discontinued VESIcare or generic Rx products). While this patient was jaded by the limitations of past Rx treatments, she still wanted real answers and offered significant potential for MYRBETRIQ due to her desire to treat the symptoms of her condition. Thus, PulseCX focused VESIcare efforts on the Rx-naïve patient and MYRBETRIQ efforts on the treatment-lapsed patient.

Creating a comprehensive experience with motivating communications // PulseCX used a CX Marketing Model to leverage surround-sound multimedia and engage patients in ways most relevant to their mindsets and real-world situations, including:

  • Unbranded and branded communications to shape the condition and set up Astellas brands as the best solutions
  • Use of networks & partnerships to engage consumers through credible (noninvasive) third-party sources
  • Iterative storytelling (evolved narrative) to segment the brand story into smaller ideas and establish the need for treatment
  • Multiple messages to reach multiple target audiences and evolve the brand narrative to resonate with the consumer’s current stage in her journey
  • Direct response and CRM to develop 1-to-1 relationships, create deeper connections, and drive loyalty and advocacy efforts

Engaging patients to foster deeper brand connections // To encourage patients to fully engage with MYRBETRIQ and talk with others about OAB, PulseCX created a patient-engagement experience called Momentum. This CX leveraged customized communications to align with the patient’s treatment journey—from initial treatment education through adherence. Momentum empowered patients to access information on their own terms—learning about OAB, understanding MYRBETRIQ, getting guidance on talking with HCPs, and securing financial support for treatment.

Surpassing launch goals by exceeding Rx projections // CX marketing helped MYRBETRIQ exceed its launch goals:

  • New-Rx uptake that doubled the previous industry benchmark (Toviaz)
  • At-launch success of MYRBETRIQ helped grow market share of VESIcare
  • Patients switched to MYRBETRIQ (from generics) at a significantly higher rate than the general population
  • Patients using Momentum stayed on therapy 15%–20% longer
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