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Aptevo Therapeutics // IXINITY

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Aptevo Therapeutics partnered with PulseCX to launch IXINITY, their recombinant factor IX product for hemophilia B. As a new player in a crowded market, Aptevo needed to differentiate their offering as they competed for share against larger brands, like Benefix (Pfizer), while keeping marketing budgets focused to maximize ROI.

The PulseCX branding process was defined by a Customer Experience (CX) Audit—a proprietary process that identifies strategic insights not discoverable through traditional market research. Based on the insights uncovered in the CX Audit, the prelaunch, launch, and postlaunch brand campaigns were developed to create patient and physician experiences of deep understanding and support that only IXINITY could deliver.

Understanding rational and emotional motivations of an underserved patient population // The CX Audit probed perceptions and expectations of targeted young adult patients with hemophilia B and found they were still being engaged as pediatric patients at their hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs), rather than as the adults they now are. Patients feel misunderstood by HTCs, unsupported by treatment manufacturers, and generally discouraged in their transition from “fragile children” (with hemophilia B) to independent adults living active lives.

As a result, the campaign progression for IXINITY centered on patients’ unmet needs and making them heroes of their treatment journeys—from recognizing Aptevo as offering a different level of understanding (prelaunch) to embracing IXINITY as the brand that stands behind them (launch and postlaunch).

Focusing insights on actionable, ownable brand positioning // Brand positioning was developed to cover the total value IXINITY could offer, incorporating the rational and emotional mindsets of the target audience, clinical reasons to believe, and a level of patient-focused support unique to the brand. To focus campaign and tactical development, the brand promise to patients and HCPs for IXINITY centered on “an authentic, ‘whole-istic’ patient experience.”

Building success by creating an authentic experience before, during, and after launch // PulseCX used unbranded pre-launch promotion to resonate with patients’ misunderstood experiences and give them a voice at the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) conference. The launch campaign celebrated these patients as active adults and heroes in charge of their treatment experience with IXINITY. The post-launch campaign leveraged the positive, growing IXINITY experience, not only demonstrating Aptevo’s dedicated support for hemophilia B patients, but also activating highly valued peer-to-peer treatment recommendations.

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