Optimizing the Customer Experience (CX) Through Segmentation

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Neodyne Biosciences // EMBRACE

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EMBRACE Active Scar Defense is the only therapy designed to stop scars before they start, by relieving the tension that causes scarring. EMBRACE is the ideal scar-treatment experience for patients who are concerned about the potential size and visibility of scarring after surgical procedures. Because of the overall size of the scar market, identifying patient targets with the greatest buying potential was key to targeting the budget and maximizing sales revenue.

PULSECX developed a cx campaign focused on the 2 most important aspects of scar treatment—science and beauty // PulseCX used the CX Audit to uncover not only what stakeholders thought about the condition and treatment, but also why they thought so. It also showed how stakeholders influenced each other to promote or dissuade treatment—especially in the team-based long-term care (LTC) setting—and how feedback from patients or loved ones would influence decision-making. These insights drove strategies to change stakeholder thinking and interactions that would lead to NUEDEXTA prescribing.

Assessing the greatest revenue potential across surgical procedures // Based on an extensive market assessment, PulseCX identified the surgical procedures that produced scars meeting 3 specific criteria:

  1. High degree of visibility (because patients will be more concerned about their appearance)
  2. Location on parts of the body that allow easy application (to ensure patients have a positive product experience)
  3. Larger size (to increase the volume of revenue per patient)

Targeting women and addressing their unique pain points // The surgical procedures were aligned with target segments across 2 main demographics: women 25-34 years old and women 35-54 years old. Although there were only 2 key demographics, each target segment had unique pain points to be addressed. To better connect with these customers, PulseCX developed specific patient personas for each targeted segment.

Creating an elegant solution that appealed to each patient segment // EMBRACE is the only post-operative scar-healing experience that provides significant reduction in the severity and appearance of scarring, making patients feel more confident and secure. To capture the essence of this brand positioning and incorporate the insights gathered through patient segmentation, PulseCX developed a creative campaign focused on both psychological aspects of scar treatment—science and beauty. Marketing communications were tailored to each segment and communicated not only the importance of trusting science to obtain the best results, but also the brand’s ability to preserve a woman’s beauty.

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