Creating a Customer Experience (CX) for Global Markets

Client // Abbott Nutrition

Category Infant Nutrition

Product Description

Abbott Nutrition needed to better understand consumer, influencer, and healthcare professional (HCP) motivations for purchasing and recommending infant milk formula (IMF) across the globe. While cultural differences between regions were acknowledged, universal IMF attitudes needed to be defined so a CX marketing approach could be created and adopted by each regional market.

AFFILIATES WERE TRAINED TO IMPLEMENT AND EXECUTE REGIONAL CX MARKET PLANNING // PulseCX selected a demonstration market (Vietnam) to explore and define the universal CX of expectant/new mothers, influencers (eg, their sisters and friends), and HCPs/midwives, and gain insights into how women think about infant nutrition. This information was used to identify the Key Moments of Impact (points in the customer’s journey when brands can best change behavior), and map the journey of expectant/new moms as they moved through the first, second, and third trimesters of pregnancy and into the first phases of their newborns’ lives. After developing the demonstration model, PulseCX conducted CX Global Workshops to teach affiliates how to best compile these key insights, map their customer journeys, identify the Key Moments of Impact, and engage expectant/new moms to increase sales of SIMILAC.

Driving stakeholder decisions through the right communication and channels // PulseCX worked with Abbott Nutrition to define consumer and HCP stakeholder personas, attitudes, and behaviors that led to a deeper understanding of the psychological motivators behind infant milk formula IMF purchases and recommendations. This process uncovered 6 universal guiding insights that had a direct influence on product-purchase decisions and determined that mothers’ caring and careful mindsets were at the core of their Hero Journeys that drive all of their IMF brand choices.

Defining Key Moments of Impact // PulseCX conducted a CX Audit that revealed the rational and emotional thoughts and actions of expectant/new moms that were most important to leverage across their motherhood journeys. These insights led to the definition of Key Moments of Impact.

Creating a turnkey CX plan for global affiliates // After identifying a universal CX based on similar attitudes and needs related to motherhood and infant nutrition, PulseCX conducted a Commercial Excellence Global Workshop to train the trainers on applying this CX to affiliates worldwide. Participants were provided with planning and development tools, and they were taught how to identify key insights, map customer journeys, define Key Moments of Impact, and implement CX marketing in each of their regions.

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